The project activities will include three main areas:

  • Work readiness skills
  • Work-based learning
  • Career planning

The Work Readiness Skills Curriculum has been developed to provide youth with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to become healthy, productive workers and participants in civic and community affairs. Within the YES Network Program, this workforce readiness curriculum serves as a foundation for youth participating in programs offered by YES in selected labor market areas across the country.


The main 7 modules of the curriculum include:

  • Personal Development: identifying values & interests; assessing attributes & skills; identifying learning styles & learning strategies; goal setting, planning & tracking progress .
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviors: identifying and practicing workplace behaviors most often sought after by local employers.
  • Communication Skills: communicating in a work environment including: listening and speaking effectively; leading and working in teams; communication with the supervisors, co-workers and customer care.
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Working in team; leading others; giving and receiving feedback.
  • Job Seeking Skills: including learning about the local labor market; job searching skills, how to write an effective CV; preparing a cover letter; job-interviewing skills;
  • Safety, Rights and Responsibilities at work place: staying safe and healthy at work and in daily life; knowing and understanding rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.
  • Financial Skills: developing the budgeting, savings and planning skills that help youth manage their income and expenses.

Work-based learning

  • experiential learning
  • job-shadowing
  • workplace-based experience
  • internship
  • entrepreneurship

Career planning

In order to enhance career counseling activities in secondary schools and ESA’s job clubs, the YES Network project will introduce certified program for Career guidance and counseling. Selected teachers and/or school psychologists as well as ESA’s staff will be train how to provide career related services to students and unemployed youth. Additionally to this, YES Network project will upgrade or establish, where needed, Career Centers in the secondary schools and Job Clubs in ESAs. They will be the physical place for the young people to gather in order to discuss and get guidance on their career development as well as improve their employability skills.